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Carmen Souza + Theo Pascal 

An audition back in 1999 to one of Pascal´s groups marked the beginning of Carmen Souza career as a singer.

After that day, Theo Pascal helped forge the talent of Carmen Souza and together they have created a body of original music to be included in all Souza´s albums that have been featured endless times in Press and broadcasted in TV and Radio all over the World.  Souza has become the only female Cape Verdean artist,

in the musical history of this country, to compose, co-produce and play on piano, guitar and vocals a completely original repertoire combining the local Creole dialect, the traditional rhythms of the Islands and Jazz.

Awarded in 2017 with the Silver Medal for Cultural Merit from the Cabo Verde Government, she is a musical pioneer that has also won 2 Cabo Verde Music Awards (Cabo Verde Grammys) for Best female artist and Best Morna, and has been nominated in several other International Awards.

Undoubtedly, Carmen Souza is a true world music force and one of Europe's most in-demand jazz singers, as someone said: "Carmen Souza does not have to decide whether her music is Jazz or 'World Music'. Her style is just as unique as convincing and her Cape Capeverdean roots as evident as her desire to create a new language under the label of 'World Jazz'."


«…Carmen Souza’s … influences from her Cape Verdean background to jazz and modern soul creating this beautifully vibrant, largely acoustic, accessible hybrid. World soul music for the 21st century. …» 

~ David Sylvian

PRESS KIT Carmen Souza / The Silver Messengers (UK)

Carmen S e Theo Pascal Bio (PT)


MMus Goldsmiths, University of London

C.S Press:

“extraordinary voice” Jazzwise – UK

“The poetic voice is as original as the musical one" The Independent-UK

"Gravity-defying voice” Songlines - UK

"A gem" CD of the Week_Evening Standard - UK

"Irresistible" Télérama - FR 

“Ella Fitzgerald du Cap-Vert” Les Inrockuptibles - FR

“A pinch of Billie Holiday, a hint of Nina Simone , phrasing à la Ella and rebellious side à la Mina Agossi...

a unique and original style " JAZZ MAG - FR 

"Inimitable is Carmen Souzas voice." Jazzthetik - DE

“Carmen Souza, Recipe for Artistic Success” Downbeat Magazine - USA

“foaming polyrhythmic puddle of unceasing acoustic amazement from top to bottom”

NY The Village Voice - USA

“Carmen Souza's vivacious "Protegid" opens a window to another world entirely” Song of the day, NPR – USA

“Souza illuminates, stretches, and snaps back the elastic connections between Latin, African and Arabic music,American jazz and the music of Cape Verde.” All about Jazz - USA

“Carmen Souza's Transatlantic Vocal Brilliance.” World Music Central - USA

#2019 - AFRIMA AWARDS - Nominated Best African Jazz (The Silver Messengers) - All Africa

#2017 - Silver Medal for Cultural Merit from the Cabo Verde Government - CV

#2016 - AFRIMA Awards - Nominated Best African Jazz  (Epistola) - All Africa

#2015 - Jazzahead official showcase (Epistola) - DE

#2015 - Nominated for Best Female Voice - Cabo Vede Music Awards (Live at Lagny Jazz Festival) - CV

#2014 - Nominated for the German Records Critics Awards (Live at Lagny Jazz Festival) - DE

#2013 - Mercado de Music Vic Official Showcase - SP 

#2013-31º Best Jazz singers -  NPR (USA National Public Radio) Music Jazz Critics Poll
#2013 - Best Female Voice - Cabo Verde Music Awards (Kachupada) - CV

#2013 - Nomination for Best Kola Sanjon & Best Acoustic Album -

Cabo Verde Music Awards (kachupada) - CV
#2013 - Best Morna (6 on na Tarrafal) - Cabo Verde Music Awards (Kachupada) - CV

#2010 - Mercado Cultural Official Showcase - BR

#2010 - Nominated for the German Records Critics Awards (Protegid)- DE

+Several positions in the World Music Charts Europe, Transglobal World Music Chart, 

Jazz week Radio Chart, Amazon, Fnac, etc...also included in several USA Grammys consideration list.

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Master of Arts in Creative music production/mixing and mastering

by the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance  (London-UK)

Musical Director - Composer - Bass & Doube Bass player

Producer (Mastering and Mixing services)



"Theo Pascal is one of the most gifted bassists on the planet. His mastery of notes is impressive, his command of an expressive elasticity shapes these notes. His pizzicato technique is virtuoso as is his con arco playing. Stark timbers define his playing especially in his continuo. Quaver octaves are clean and dramatically stressed from fz to p. Implicit in this is a sense of pleading which could turn on a dime to reflective nobility. His performance here is shaped by this kind of iridescence that is simply hard to find these days...His compositions and overall musicianship is very hard to find and when combined with the utter beauty of his virtuosity he becomes the rarest of rare commodities."

Raul da Gama, Epistola review,, CA

Included in the BLITZ list of Best Portuguese Bass players for the last

30 years.



feat Carmen Souza -

Theo Pascal, a Master of Arts, bassist, composer and pioneer producer in the Lusophone music with jazz influences is mainly known for his work with award-winning artist Carmen Souza. Now he leads QUAMUNDOS2, a powerful multicultural group that includes musicians of Portuguese/Lusophone origin and features CARMEN SOUZA and saxophonist Lenny Sendersky. QUAMUNDOS, which means “union of people” in Kimbundu-Angolan dialect, contemplates a world where differences are respected and valued, at a time when we need more cohesion and humanity. Explores Pascal's roots from the North and South of Portugal and expresses how he perceives modern contemporary music. A musical locomotive of infectious grooves, unexpected arrangements and improvised curves.


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-Top10 UK Best Young Drummers 2015,2016,2017

-Royal Academy of Music - Jazz Academy 2015-2017 

-Tomorrrow´s Warriors - 2012-2019

- Jazz undergrad Program at

Guildhall School of Music and Drama - 2019/2023

-Zeñel Trio - 2016-2022 (Future Bubblers 2021 / Brownswood Music)

-Toured with legendary Uk saxophonist, Steve Williamson Trio - 2018-2020, Performed with Binker Golding, Sheila Maurice-Grey, Ife Ogunjobi,  Renato Paris, Plumm, Ashton Sellars, Dominic J Marshal, Byron Wallen, Benet Mclean, Emma Jean-Thackray, Raquel Martins, Carmen Souza, Theo Pascal, Hidden Jazz Club sessions (London), etc







- Youth talent development 

- Talent Booking 

- Official showcase - JAZZNEWBLOODALIVE - part of London Jazz Fest - 2016-2021

- WLed Jazz Fest - part of London Jazz Festival - 2020-2022

Talent booking at

London Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scotts, Jazzrefreshed, Southbank, Cambridge Jazz Festival, The Verdict (New Jazz Generation), Love Supreme Festival, MFY Proms - Royal Albert Hall, Lancaster Jazz Festival, Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho, Brainchild fest, Wilderness fest, Out Jazz Fest (Lisbon),La Petite halle (Paris) etc....





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